The synergy created by the combination of two important features has blazed a trail for a new business branch.

Long years of know-how in the wood industry in both production and raw material import as well as the ancillary industry culture developed as a result of the work carried out for the white goods industry paved the way to commence wooden pallet production in Balorman.

First, a modern pallet factory consisting of automatic pallet production lines was established in Bolu factory.

In addition, 35 manufacturer companies operating in various regions in Turkey joined Balorman pallet production network as suppliers.

Finally, Balorman pallet service system was further extended with Dilovası, Çayırova, Izmir, and Adana service centers.

The network that we have established in order to offer services in various regions in Turkey with the same service and quality approach further grows every passing day with new suppliers and new service centers joining our system.

Our customer-oriented service approach will persist with our environment-friendly and cost-effective models.
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Quality Control
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Raw Material Imports
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